We’ll Pay Cash for Your Surplus, Idle, Or Obsolete WORKING Equipment

Would you like to liquidate excess inventory or optimize your warehouse floor space of unwanted machinery? Surplus Industrial Supply.com is an immediate buyer of good-quality surplus, idle, or obsolete equipment. We’ll buy your single large equipment pieces, truckloads of mixed surplus, or entire plant of unwanted equipment.

We are Always Looking to Buy Good-Quality Working Equipment by the Truckload:

    • Dust Collectors
    • Disconnects / Circuit Breakers
    • Transformers
    • Forklifts / Scissor Lifts
    • Floor Scrubbers
    • Starters / Contactors
    • PLCs and Panelviews
    • Lift Tables
    • HVAC Equipment
    • Motor Control Centers
    • Tooling Equipment
    • Dump Hoppers
    • Conveyorized Belt Washers
    • Industrial Blowers
    • Stretch Wrappers
    • Air Compressors

Use the form below to let us know what you have available for purchase. For fastest response, please include a full description of the equipment along with your asking price. Be sure to attach any images or other files (.xls, .pdf) that will help our buying department to review your submission. Please note that we require at least two photos (4 mb maximum each) showing the interior / exterior condition and age of the equipment, as well as any attachment(s) or auxiliary(s).  

Due to the volume of submissions, we apologize but our staffing only allows us to respond on items of interest.

Upload may take a few minutes. Please wait for confirmation of your submission. If submission fails, please check that your photos are not larger than 4 mb each.